No more gun-related deaths. No more school shootings. No more fear. Frangell pledges to introduce and/or support legislation that addresses our nation’s gun crisis. This will be done in a way that respects the Second Amendment, that respects our people’s freedoms, and that honors the victims of these shootings and their families.

As citizens of the United States, Frangell believes that we are entitled to two fundamental rights: the right to bear arms and the right to live. Both rights need to exist with one another, meaning that one right cannot take precedence over the other, but should work together. The victims of the Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas, most of whom were Hispanics and people of color, held the fundamental right to live.

The right to bear firearms and the fundamental right to live coexist in removing military-styled weapons from civilian streets. Both rights coexist in monitoring who gains access to deadly, high-level weapons that can result in mass murder. The Second Amendment was not intended to grant corrupted individuals the right to mass shootings, and the right to self-defense can certainly coexist with our duty and responsibility to protect all of our people from murder.

Frangell and New York – 15 will work to limit assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and other high-destruction firearms and items. The Second Amendment did not intend for our neighborhoods to have access to such destructive weapons. Self-defense does not mean irresponsibility and to allow easy access to these weapons is immoral. Frangell support background checks for purchases of especially weapons that are capable of mass destruction and shootings and closing loopholes for background checks.

As with most industries, the firearms industry shall not have this much of a hold over our political leaders. When in Congress, Frangell will address the power that gun lobbying holds over our lawmakers and in our nation’s capital. What the Second Amendment was certainly not intended for is the incredible wealth that people generate from the proliferation of firearms. Congress needs to divorce profit from advocacy and gun laws. For-profit industries and advocacy should not have a stake in how our nation approaches our citizens’ safety and/or our citizen’s rights to bear arms and to live.

In New York – 15, we, as a people, have seen what the passage of sensible gun laws has done – its has driven crimes down and has saved thousands of lives. Our lawmakers need to make the American people their priority in addressing and resolving these our nation’s warfare gun crisis and shootings epidemic, and Frangell intends to shift the conversation to our people, to our victims, and to our victims’ families. Freedom is not taking lives away; freedom is protecting our lives while also protecting our right to self-defense. One does not come without the other. Frangell firmly believes that, for the sake of our survival, it is time that we resolve this issue in a national-wide legislation and, by doing so, save hundreds of thousands of American lives.

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