Elderly and senior citizens are incredibly important to Frangell. They constitute one of the most powerful and vibrant aspects of New York – 15 and of our nation. It is important the legislative leaders introduce legislation that, in changing world, focuses on their well-being and on their rights.

In Congress, Frangell and New York – 15 will introduce and support legislation that protects senior citizens from age-related job discrimination, lack of access to healthcare or medical procedures, and vulnerability to financial, physical, psychological, social, and/or sexual abuse.

Frangell supports all social programs that are aimed to protecting senior citizens. He will ensure the Social Security stays alive and prospers in our new age and that government continues honor a life’s worth of honorable work and contributions to our society.

Frangell will support legislation the improves elder abuse prevention and reporting and social programs that attempt to decrease older adults’ abuse, including physical, emotional, psychological, verbal, financial, etc., as well as discrimination.

Frangell and New York – 15 will continue to have the backs of our elderly Americans and it is more than important than ever that in an ever developing and changing world and landscape, we, as citizens and as legislators, reaffirm seniors’ rights and prioritize their well-being.

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