Climate change disproportionately affects low-income communities, communities of color, and other vulnerable communities. If climate change is not addressed efficiently, then it stands to disrupt our nation’s long-term economic growth, public health, and other aspects of our daily living.

Frangell is committed to addressing climate change without taking our citizens’ jobs away. He firmly pledges that, as the nation moves to a more environment-friendly economy, and as our leaders move forward with addressing climate change and natural hazards, that those whose jobs are heavily dependent on our current economy will have jobs replaced and will be taken care of. Frangell will support legislation that addresses climate change when it also takes into account our fellow citizens’ livelihoods, and brings jobs and opportunities to our most vulnerable communities and workers.

The devastating hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and other parts of the nation, as well as the wildfires that California is experiencing, show how these natural disasters disproportionately affect poorer communities and citizens who do not have the resources to immediately address and recover from these challenges. Furthermore, climate change-related disasters result in rent increases in low-income communities, a reflection of the resulting housing shortages, recovery funds flowing to higher-income neighborhoods, and exacerbates people’s pre-existing health conditions.

In Congress, Frangell will support legislation that addresses these difficulties for low-income communities and our most vulnerable citizens. He will advocate for improved, fair, and long-lasting aid and for areas that have been affected by climate-related disasters. Frangell will work with other leaders to engage all sectors of our nation to assist the people who need our help the most, including Puerto Rico, Texas, the US Virgin Islands, Florida, and California. Our government will build an improved agency that monitors resources that are being brought to these areas, make sure that they are being used efficiently, for the people, and will consistently reevaluate, based on real results. We will make data and efforts transparent.

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