Frangell has experienced first-hand the difference that education can make in one’s life and the potential that it holds to lift even our most disadvantaged communities to incredible and unimaginable heights. Born and raised to a low-income, first-generation and Hispanic, single-mother family, education allowed Frangell and his family to rise through fatherlessness, through homeless shelters, and difficult and uncertain circumstances to serve the communities in New York – 15 and in the Bronx that have provided him and his family so much.

Frangell attended PS 156 in his childhood Concourse Village neighborhood until the age of 11. It was during the fifth grade that he and his family lost their apartment on the Grand Concourse and entered New York’s homeless shelter system. After moving to various sites in New York – 15 and the Bronx and Manhattan, his family eventually settled in the Msgr. Robert Fox Memorial Shelter, a transitional housing unit for women and their children, in East Harlem for one before returning to Mt. Hope Place in New York – 15 and the Bronx. It was here that Frangell was enrolled in and attended PS 96. He found solace during these difficult and uncertain experiences in his education, and renewed his focus, eventually graduating as salutatorian and attending Cardinal Hayes Memorial High School for Boys, the all-boys, Catholic independent high school on the Grand Concourse, in the Bronx.

He worked hard at Hayes and gained admission at Columbia University in the City of New York, where he majored in Political Science, with specialties in International Relations and Political Theory.

Education has allowed Frangell to experience our nation’s promise of the American Dream, from attending an incredible high school and graduating from an esteemed university to travelling the world and allowing him to live in service of his communities in his home borough of the Bronx and the rest of our city of New York through lifechanging opportunities.

His pledge to New York – 15 and to our most vulnerable communities in New York and in the United States is to make education a viable path for absolutely everyone at all costs. Education needs to serve as a national force that helps uplift low-income communities.

If elected, Frangell and the constituents of New York – 15 will work hard to address the education crisis in our district’s public schools. We will implement national change that will change how our federal, state and local governments address under-resourced and in-need public schools. It will be an ambitious legislative act that serves as an overhaul of how schools are operated in America. Our schools will receive equal and improved national funding; our educators will receive better attention and professional training; low-income students will be moved to better facilities and school buildings, and will be given access to our nation’s greatest resources; we will build social programs that addresses students’ home and family lives and that will provide families with the tools that they need in order to build a safe home that is conducive to positive learning environment; we will responsibly address the learning difficulties that our low-income students have; we will provide them with uniforms and adequate personal resources; and we will hold school administration responsible for our children and young adults’ learning and progress. Frangell and the constituents of New York – 15 will desegregate schools and we will no longer criminalize families’ efforts to gain access to better resources.

Our election will mark the beginning of a new educational age in America, where students in low-income communities in America will no longer be held back by their social class; education will be impervious to social class and background as our most vulnerable students will have as much if not a better chance to succeed through education than their more privileged peers. Education will serve as the higher authority that will not be able to be affected by income or our nation’s man-made poverty and other social difficulties. One of the reasons that Frangell is running for Congress and not other legislative bodies is that this legislative and moral overhaul can only happen from the federal government. Our nation’s education and poverty crisis is our modern-day civil rights movement and our modern-day Great Depression, and it shall be treated as such; the movement begins in New York – 15 and in the Bronx and shall be felt throughout the United States of America.

If elected, Frangell vows to work with other congressional leaders to reshape our nation’s higher education system so that it caters to the struggles of low-income and working-class students and families Frangell firmly believes that making public colleges and trade schools accessible and debt-free for lower-income families is essential for the success of these students. This will be done by building a partnership between the state and federal governments and making public higher education accessible and affordable for all lower-income families through a series of initiatives and social programs.

Frangell pledges to cancel the debts of citizens and residents who borrowed from low-quality, for-profit programs and invest in minority-serving institutions and institutions that serve low-income students and their families (e.g., CUNY colleges and schools, etc.).

Education is the hallmark of our American society and it will be reshaped so it shall continue to be so for absolutely all Americans and New Yorkers and not just the privileged few.

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