In the greatest nation in the world, access to excellent healthcare for absolutely everyone, especially for our most low-income, should be part of our daily identity as Americans and as New Yorkers. Competitive healthcare from the government that prioritizes all of our people is necessary. We need to build a system where healthcare is directly focused on our people and on our communities.

Access to quality healthcare should not only be granted to those who can afford it. Frangell is running in the most low-income urban congressional district in the country and will prioritize the needs of his district, as well as the needs of our most low-income and working-class constituents throughout the United States. Healthcare is the foundation to a thriving society and the path to a great nation. Not only will he and the campaign fight hard to ensure that all of the people of New York – 15 and the Bronx have access to excellent and affordable healthcare, but he will also work hard to ensure that our nation’s most pressing issues regarding healthcare access are being addressed and no longer ignored.

If elected, in addition to providing excellent healthcare for our most in-need communities, Frangell’s first legislation in Congress will be an overhaul of how mental health is addressed in our most low-income neighborhoods and in our country. Living in poor or low-income communities has been linked to an increased risk for mental health difficulties in children and adults that may continue throughout life. Families in poverty are least likely to be connected with high-quality mental health care. In order for all of our people to be able to move forward and life fulfilling lives, our nation needs to address our communities’ mental health crises and the disparity in specialized healthcare access. Frangell’s legislation will put an end to and address this health disparity in our most vulnerable communities.

Investment in mental healthcare facilities and professionals in New York – 15 and the Bronx and in low-income communities throughout our nation will be greatly increased. Our systemic approach to caring and addressing mental health will change and become a daily habit in our nation and among our professionals and our people. Professionals who are trained in mental health will either replace or greatly support our police as first responders that involve mental health crises. Social programs with supportive employment that would not require individuals to be in active recovery would be greatly supported. Frangell will expand community education programs that will help destigmatize mental health difficulties, support people who use substances, provide treatment, as well as harm-reduction services. There will be a focus on behavioral therapy treatment for all of our children and adults. Frangell will also work to invest in mobile health clinics and improve underfunded hospitals and medical care facilities in New York – 15 and the Bronx and throughout the United States.

There will be increased transparency in data on how these services are affecting our communities, and review and improvement will be made quarterly. Our nation will invest in workforce development that will appropriately staff all supportive and treatment facilities, recruit African-American and Hispanic and lower-income Whites with the necessary education and training to serve in leadership positions in the healthcare industry.

The United States of America will, once again, reclaim its role in serving as a world leader in providing unmatchable healthcare to its citizens and especially to lower-income and vulnerable people. To rise from poverty and be able to achieve the American Dream, as our beloved nation promises its people, and to keep the ethos of what an American can truly accomplish with hard work and resilience, is to address our most vulnerable communities’ systemic healthcare communities. There is no America without comprehensive healthcare. This begins in New York – 15 and shall continue in the rest of our nation.

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