Frangell’s grandmother and his father were the first in his family to arrive to America. His grandmother took a leap of faith, crossed the waters from the Dominican Republic and moved to Puerto Rico, before being joined by his father. Frangell’s father spent his teenage and early adulthood years travelling between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, partly to visit Frangell’s mother, before permanently settling in New York and in the Bronx as a US permanent resident. Frangell’s mother joined her then-husband on the Grand Concourse, recognized as the Boulevard of Dreams, and this is where Frangell would be born and raised, visiting the Dominican Republic in his youth and having a wonderful upbringing in New York – 15 and in New York.

Frangell is committed to introducing and passing comprehensive immigration reform. What makes the United States of America the greatest nation in the world is that, since its birth, it has served and continue to serve as the beacon of hope, faith, strength, and opportunity for millions from around the world. The USA stands as the future for populations throughout the world, and if we wish for our nation to continue to be the greatest, then we, as a people, have to choose to respect, honor, and reaffirm immigration and the incredible history that immigration has had in our country. Immigrants make us stronger in every sense of what that means, and in all aspects of our nation, from education and our economy to our culture and our politics, and all else.

Frangell pledges to restore our nation’s moral integrity. Children in detention centers and in cages constitute one of our nation’s greatest moral dilemmas and failings in modern-day history. Family separation, children separated at the border, and Zero Tolerance Family Separation will end upon Frangell’s election. We will pass and implement legislation that prevents this from ever happening again in the USA. Our nation will not stand for this and we will work hard to undo the negative consequences that this policy has had among the people and on our American legacy.

Frangell and New York – 15 will pass and implement legislation that protects US permanent residents from poverty criminalization. Immigrants’ use of our nation’s social programs will not serve as a means for the revocation of their legal status in the USA. We will decriminalize poverty and immigration in absolutely every sense of what this means.

Frangell pledges to reintroduce a more comprehensive and daring version of the DREAM Act and work with legislators to pass it. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) will be reinstated and Dreamers will be protected and lifted.

We will secure our borders responsibly and morally. We will renovate land ports of entry and staff them properly to protect especially against illegal drug trade. We will reevaluate and reconstruct ICE and prevent our immigration agencies from infringing upon human rights, while honoring those who are serving at the border with dignity and respect.

Refugees will be accepted and protected. The US has a moral responsibility to the people who are fleeing violence and poverty, and we shall, once again, assume this responsibility.

Comprehensive immigration reform will mean that the USA will resume its leadership role over global immigration and stand as a global leader for responsible policies that protect both, the nation and the people.

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