Frangell was raised by a single mother who was also raised by a single mother. The first raised her three children in poverty in New York and the second raised her five children in poverty in the Dominican Republic. Both women rose through incredibly difficult circumstances, stood strongly, and stood victoriously. The women in Frangell’s family are among the most powerful and are consistently showing the world that women are among the most powerful and greatest force that our world has even seen. The women that Frangell has learned from and has been raised by have broken through incredible barriers mothers, as educators, as entrepreneurs, as role models, graciously exceeding expectations and shattering through our society’s invisible laws that attempt to subdue the woman’s strength and power. Where men have failed, the women in Frangell’s family and upbringing have succeeded and outdone and, today, Frangell and his family stand strongly and powerfully because of the sacrifices, the hard work, and the audacity to the defy the odds that these women have presented throughout their lives and continue to present.

Women, as a political and moral force, do not need Frangell; they have and will continue to accomplish with or without a man’s help. With this understanding, the following is Frangell’s promise: Women’s Rights will forever be held and treated as Human Rights. The fight for gender equality is far from over, but together, we can all continue to make incredible strides.

Women deserve equal pay, equal educational opportunities and attainment, equal hiring and employability, leadership positions in absolutely all sectors in our nation, respect and the dignity that is all people deserve and are naturally bestowed with, and full protect from discrimination, and, in Congress, Frangell with fight to lift the voices of women in our nation’s most influential settings.

Educate a woman and one educates an entire world, is the understanding, and Frangell firmly believes in this. Frangell is a proponent of legislation that focuses on improving women’s educational opportunities and attainment. Frangell will also serve as an advocate for labor laws that protect women against discrimination and unfair treatment in the workforce.

Frangell will champion work benefits that cater to working parents and especially mothers, including access to childcare, healthcare, paid family leave, and other initiatives that take into account the woman’s incredible role in caregiving. When we, as a people, take into account the complexity of a woman’s role – as a mother, as a leader, as an employer, for instance – then it benefits our entire nation. Our days will no longer important structural, societal and systemic barriers to the woman.

African American women are among the most disrespected citizens in our nation, and with our election, this will change. Frangell will serve as a champion for one of the most powerful beings in our world, African American women. African American women have served as the foundation to our nation and it is time that we elect a leader that will acknowledge their contributions to New York – 15 and to our nation and help them rise.

Trans women of color will find protection in Frangell’s election. He is dedicated to protecting them from our nation’s abuses of power against gender-nonconforming individuals. With Frangell’s election, trans women of color will be respect as equal citizens under our laws.

Reproductive rights are human rights. Frangell will serve as an advocate for a woman’s right to choose and fight against current legislation that wishes to compromise or limit this right. Roe v. Wade will be upheld and respected. It is incredibly important to note that this does not mean that Frangell, our campaign, and New York – 15 are for or pro-abortion. To be pro-choice and to advocate for reproductive rights does not mean that one is pro-abortion; it means that, in a moral society, the incredibly difficult decisions and challenges that women must face and overcome need to hold a respectful space among us. Furthermore, as a people, we need to acknowledge that restrictions that are placed on reproductive rights and access to choice disproportionally affect poor women and especially poor women of color.

As a people, we need to take our efforts further and we need to work to alleviate the man-made social and systemic difficulties and standards that target women and lead them to have to confront these difficult decisions and challenges. This is why our efforts to empower women need to have a holistic approach: access to reproductive rights need to also come with access to education, to increased jobs and economics opportunities, to social and fiscal equality; to removing the barriers that we, as a society, continue to place that attempt to keep women down. Frangell pledges to carry, champion, and accomplish these attempts and goals in Congress.

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