Frangell and New York – 15 will restore, protect, and fight for voting rights against voter suppression and expand voting access to our most vulnerable and marginalized members our of communities.

It is time to acknowledge that our fight to maintain the right to vote in our nation is far from over. African Americans, Hispanics, low-income Whites, and poor and low-income communities throughout our nation are seeing their right to vote and to be heard be endangered by legislation and policies that target them. The survival of our nation depends on all of our people and especially our most marginalized people to be able to vote.

Frangell and New York – 15 will introduce automatic voter registration, allow for online and same-day registration, make Election Day a paid holiday, restore voting rights to the formerly incarcerated, make sure that people with disabilities have access to all voting sites, make sure that voting is protected on tribal and indigenous land, and make sure that false information is curbed and eliminated.

Voting will become a means to empower all of our individuals.

Frangell pledges to work with state and federal legislators and agencies to remodel how the United States Census is conducted, make it more efficient, and ensure that people in marginalized communities are no longer undercounted or discredited.

We will implement more engaging ways to inform the public on elected officials, make officials’ legislative histories as transparent as possible, and greatly encourage especially our younger adults. Frangell and New York – 15 will lead a campaign that aims to making voting part of the daily identity in our borough of the Bronx and in low-income neighborhoods throughout the nation.

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