If one would like to see what world peace may have a chance to look like, just turn to the beautiful gay community. Frangell is in full support for LGTQ+ and gay rights and equality. He believes that the USA should serve as a world leader in LGTQ+ and gay rights, certainly taking its advocacy and protection for the rights of our gay brothers and sisters internationally. A nation’s stance and protection for gay rights should be take into account in its alliance or relationship with the USA. Gay rights are human rights and, with Frangell in Congress, the USA will denounce nations that criminalize, outlaw, and punish people based on their sexual and love orientation and gender identity.

Frangell and New York – 15 will fight for the passage of the Equality Act in Congress, which would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity nationally.

Frangell pledges to fight for the passage of anti-discrimination laws in employment, in the provision of goods and services, in health insurance, in schools and colleges, in hospitals, and in other state and federal institutions. In the greatest nation in the world, we will not tolerate discrimination based on love, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

Anti-bullying laws in schools, college, workplace, and other public and private institutions that will serve to protect our gay brothers and sisters will be passed as legislation.

Gay and same-sex couples’ legal rights to adopt children, form families, and have recognized unions will be reaffirmed. Same-sex marriage will be protected and reaffirmed.

Conversion therapy will be outlawed in the United States of America. This cruel and immoral practice has no place in the world’s greatest land. Attempts to practice it will be punishable according to the law.

Legal recognition of gender diversity beyond the female and male binary standard and system will be reaffirmed and passed as national law and regulation.

LGTQ+ people will be allowed to openly serve in the military. Trans people will be protected in the military.

Often forgotten in the gay community, trans people and trans rights will be prioritized. Trans people will be acknowledged, respected, and legislation that protects their complete right to be will be introduced and passed.

Frangell and New York – 15 will protect LGTQ+ and gay youth and work with leaders to pass legislation that will address the alarmingly high homelessness rate, school dropout rate, and mental health crisis. Organizations that social programs that help gay youth, including the Trevor Project, will receive the funding and the aid that they need and deserve to continue their incredible service.

HIV/AIDS will not only be destigmatized, but we will fight to find a cure. We will educate all of our people on preventive measures and the incredible medicine that allows our brothers and sisters who are HIV-positive to remain undetectable and unable to pass the virus.

PrEP to prevent HIV will be made available as over-the-counter, and one will no longer need prescription for the pill.

Frangell pledges to make the Bronx and New York – 15 a safe space for all members of the LGTQ+ community. The gay community is one of the greatest communities that we have; their strength is unmatched; and we will make the Bronx a safe borough for its members.

Furthermore, Trans African American women and Trans women of color will be protected from the alarmingly high levels of violence, discrimination, and inhumane behavior. Frangell pledges to fight for them and advocate for legislation that will make them equal under the law.

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