Frangell has always and will always love Puerto Rico very dearly. Puerto Rico is where his family’s journey in the United States started. His grandmother crossed the waters between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to provide a better future for her children and her grandchildren. Puerto Rico is where Frangell’s father’s journey in the United States started, before relocating to New York and bringing his wife. As a son of the Bronx and of New York – 15, Frangell grew up with Puerto Rican culture, singing the beautiful island’s songs and music, and growing up with Puerto Ricans, and having family members in Puerto Rico and who are half Puerto Rican. Beautifully, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are brothers and sisters, descendant of the same Latin people, and equally contributing to New York, to our wonderful borough of the Bronx and the great district of New York – 15.

Frangell pledges to bring the strength of Washington to Puerto Rico and committing himself to restoring the island. In Congress, Frangell will pass legislation that will invest billions of dollars in restoration to Puerto Rico. We will address the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and other disastrous climate catastrophes, and rebuild the island after its political struggles and corruption.

The billions of dollars that will be grated as federal aid to our wonderful island of Puerto Rico will see a reconstruction of schools, homes, infrastructure, energy, businesses, and all other aspects of the island. Frangell will fight to cancel the debt that Puerto Rico holds, and institutionalized form of holding the island back.

Puerto Ricans will be respected as the Americans that they are. Frangell and New York – 15 will help Puerto Rico to great heights, and its prosperity and strength in our nation’s capital and within the island shall remain permanent. God created one of the most beautiful islands on Earth and among the most beautiful people on Earth in Puerto Rico and in Puerto Ricans, and Frangell will fight to their rise and for their respect in our nation and in the world.

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